Mesothelin: An early detection biomarker for cancer (By Jack Andraka)

21 04 2013

Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence (LPBI) Group

Author/ Curator:  Tilda Barliya PhD

I was recently amazed to read about a young teen who scooped the headlines with his story: Jack Andraka created an early detection test for pancreatic cancer (PC) (1). While we extensively discussed pancreatic cancer in previous posts (1b), this one deserve it’s on attention.

Andraka tells the audience about his journey from learning about a the  family member  diagnosed with PC, to a flash insight while learning about carbon nanotubes during a biology class, through the screening and finding one protein out of thousands and all the way up his final discovery. His journey wasn’t easy to say the least, he story though deserve all the applause.

Starting with his journey, Andraka began by “looking for a protein in the bloodstream that would be a biomarker for pancreatic cancer, one that would be found in all cases, even in the earliest stages”. He finally narrowed it down to…

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