Mother Nature’s Lego Collection: Unfinished illustration of cellulose degrading polycellulosomes

29 06 2013

Just Science

It is amazing, to me anyways, how much we borrow from Mother Nature. Legos are no different. These small pieces of plastic that can be connected with infinite possibilities have stirred the imagination of children and adults alike.

There is a perfect example of Nature’s Lego set within the genomes of microorganisms that degrade plant matter using large protein complexes called cellulosomes (see this post). Clostridium thermocellum is a model organism for this.

Thanks to its ability to interchange components, both the enzymes to degrade cellulose and the protein scaffold to attach these enzymes, C. thermocellum can optimize degradation any different sources of plant material. Shown in the my illustration above is only one assembly. The cellulosomes illustrated are of the actual protein structures (or models if no structure known) of the components. Essentially, there is one scaffold protein, OlpB, which can have up to 7 other scaffold proteins…

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Sanofi’s new insulin U300 superior to Lantus: study

29 06 2013

Sanofi’s new insulin U300 superior to Lantus: study.

Designating API starting materials acceptably in a chemical synthesis

26 06 2013

mikerobe's blog

Making the correct designations of ‘active substance starting materials’ in a chemical synthesis can be very difficult but is extremely important to your company.  There is a subjective element to overcome and only a limited set of rules to help you with the decisions.  These will be discussed and some examples considered in our comprehensive CTD Module 3 course in London on 2 – 3 July 2013.

The impact of the designations on GMP compliance with regard to development costs and to the time taken to gain regulatory approvals of Marketing Authorisation applications can be huge, so increasing your understanding of the many issues is more than sensible!  Please hurry to book if you want to secure a place.  Bookings close soon.

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Top 10 Best Cities for Scientific Research Positions in US

23 06 2013

Top 10 Best Cities for Scientific Research Positions in US.

“The SILENCE of the Lambs” Introducing The Power of Uncoded RNA

23 06 2013

Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence (LPBI) Group

 Our genome must be packed tightly to fit into the nucleus. Genome is the blue print of a living organism whether made up off a single or multiple cell.   Recently, the genome seen as a functional network of physical contacts within (cis) and between (trans) chromosomes.  It became necessary to map these physical DNA contacts at high-resolution with technologies such as the “chromosome conformation capture” (3C) and other 3C-related methods including 3C-Carbon Copy (5C) and Hi-C.  Yet, we all know that in vivo conformation, gene to gene interactions from a long distance, histones and 3D have an impact on gene regulation and expression.  The game is not just a sequence but functional genomics with a correct translation of sequence for development so that proper molecular diagnostics can be applied not only for prevention but also for monitoring the efficacy of the intervention. Thus, we can…

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ALMIRALL-Product development pipeline

20 06 2013

ALMIRALL-Product development pipeline.

FREE DOWNLOAD – Business Intelligence Application for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Professionals

18 06 2013

Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence (LPBI) Group

Business Intelligence Application for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Professionals

Submitted by

Dr Stephen Breslin

Chief Executive | Glasgow Science Centre

50 Pacific Quay | Glasgow | G51 1EA

Download the FREE Software Application 

The Sophie Pharma & Biotech App is a powerful personal business and technology intelligence tool to increase your productivity.  Sophie will work on your Ipad, Iphone, Android tablet or smartphone.

You can download it directly from the Apple and Google store. For more information visit<;urlhash=kBVe&amp;_t=mbox_mebc>

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